Christabelle Nanetta, S.Sn.

Nanet-2.jpgChristabelle Nanetta was born on January 24th, 1991 in Jakarta. She started to learn music (organ) at the age of nine at Sanggar Musik Ariesta Widya and then moved to Sekolah Musik Yayasan Musik Jakarta (SMYMJ) to learn piano at age ten with Mrs. Peggy Lo for the next eleven years. During this time, Nanetta also learned several instruments, such as violin (minor class at SMYMJ, then continue took with a private lesson guided by Mr. Adi Dharma until 2011), traditional instruments like Er Hu (Chinese violin instrument) and Kulintang.


She was a participant in masterclasses with Dr. Kuei Pin Yeo and participated in Jakarta International Summer Music Festival (JISMF) held by SMYMJ in 2007. Nanetta took pedagogy classes for four years with Mrs. Latifah Kodidjat. She received an appreciation from SMYMJ as a high scorer for Piano in 2003 and finished her final grade in Music Education (ME III) at Sekolah Musik Yayasan Musik Jakarta (SMYMJ) in 2010. Nanetta got scholarship in Music Therapy Concentration at Conservatory of Music - Universitas Pelita Harapan (UPH) under the guidance of Mrs. Amelia Delfina Kho, MA as the Music Therapy Coordinator and continue her piano studies under the guidance of Mr. Mamoru Yabuki (Japan).


In 2013, Nanetta graduated her Bachelor of Music with cum laude and serve as a semi-full time lecturer and Academic Advisor in Music Therapy at Conservatory of Music – Universitas Pelita Harapan (UPH). She has been working in several fields in Music Therapy with the special needs, early childhood, teenager, adult, and elderly. Currently, She is also working as a freelance Music Therapist and Music Teacher for piano, violin, and special needs classes and got her licensed as an International KinderMusik Teacher.